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What is this good for?

img-rocket Get started with WordPress quickly and migrate your work to the site you want to use permanently
img-settings Play around with new themes & plugins before using them on your “real” site​
img-computer Clone your live site to this demo site to try out things you don’t want to do on live​
img-statsguy img-commingsoon Send newbies here to experience a WP onboarding tour​
img-people img-livenow Go premium! Make your site not expire (see below)

Premium Features

  • No expiry

    Use the site(s) for as long as you want

  • More space

    Up to 20 GB per site (need more?)

  • Top support

    Get help when you get stuck

  • Own domain

    Use any domain name

  • Many other features

From 2.98 USD/month only – cancel anytime. Questions?

Tips & Tricks

  • Spin up a demo site when on the WP repo, with that plugin/theme already installed
  • Instantly see if a site is using WordPress
  • See the theme & plugins a site is using

Chrome extension

A link like https://tastewp.com/new/ spins up a new site. Add “ ?pre-installed-plugin-slug=(pluginslug) ” to have a plugin pre-installed where “(pluginslug)” is the slug of the plugin in the WP directory, e.g.

https://tastewp.com/new/?pre-installed-plugin-slug=akismet will have the Akismet plugin pre-installed.

If you’re a plugin creator you can use this to offer potential users to first try out your plugin on a dummy site, e.g. by placing it at the top of the description in the readme.txt, like this plugin.

Check out blog post
Pre-installed plugins image

Add “?pre-installed-theme-slug=(themeslug)” to https://tastewp.com/new/ in order to spin up a site with a certain theme pre-installed.

For example,
https://tastewp.com/new/?pre-installed-theme-slug=neve will create a site with the Neve theme pre-installed.

Check out blog post
Pre-installed themes image

With templates you can tailor the sites (which get set up) even more. For example, you can upload your own plugin zip files (i.e. they don’t have to be in the WP directory), you can define the site parameters (e.g. WP and PHP versions), and you can track how often the templates get used.​

To create a template, login and then click on “Site templates” in the left menu, and then on “New template” at the top right.

Check out blog post
Templates image

If you’re on a plugin or theme page in the WP directory, just replace the “wordpress.org” in the url with “tastewp.com” and press enter, to spin up a site to try out that plugin or theme.

Or, drag and drop this button Spin it up!

to your bookmarklet toolbar and click on it when you’re on a plugin or theme page in the WP directory – it will do the same as above, just with a click of a button.

For this to work, make sure your browser has visible toolbar.
Your bookmarklet toolbar is not showing? – Get help

WP Directory tools
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  • How long are the sites live?

  • How much space do the sites have?

    By default it's 1 GB (for free sites). If you want more, have a look at our premium features.
  • How many sites can I create at once?

  • Can I migrate to another hoster?

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